Posted on: June 11, 2010 9:47 pm

Andy Pettitte's 200th win as a Yankee

Andy Pettitte is starting to get into the stage of his career where Derek Jeter is now and where Bernie Williams was a few years ago.  It seems like almost every time he pitches, he is either tieing or breaking a Yankees record or moving up a Yankees all time list in some category.  Four days shy of his 38th birthday, Pettitte gave up only two earned runs in 7 and 1/3 innings and raised his season record to 8-1 and earned his 200th career vistory as a Yankee. 

Pettitte's career record is now 236-136, 100 games over .500.  Pettitte has now thrown over 3,000 career innings and has surpassed the 2,200 strikeout mark.  In addition to his regular season numbers, Pettitte has pitched a full season in the postseason, throwing 249 innings, and going 18-9 with a 3.90 ERA.  On top of that, he's been one of the best fielding pitchers of his ERA, particularly when you consider how well he holds runners and picks runners off.

Someday soon there will be debates about whether Pettitte deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.  Right now, I'm just enjoying watching him pitch, just like I was in 1996. 
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The Yankees Rotation - Loooking Ahead

58 games completed and 104 remaining and the Yankees starting rotation looks pretty solid top to bottom.  Absent injury, I think it's reasonable to think that this rotation will stick for the rest of the season, which would mean about 20 more starts for each starter.  Here's where they stand so far in terms of games started, innings pitched, and won-loss record:

Sabathia, 12 GS, 78.1 IP, 5-3
Burnett, 12 GS, 77.1 IP, 6-3
Pettitte, 11 GS, 73 IP, 7-1
Hughes, 11 GS, 69.2, 8-1
Vazquez, 10 GS, 56 IP, 5-5

Looking ahead to a full season with about 20 more starts and assuming the Yankees play over .600 ball overall, here's what this rotation's full-season numbers might look like:

Sabathia, 32 GS, 210 IP, 17-8
Burnett, 32 GS, 205 IP, 16-8
Pettitte, 31 GS, 190 IP, 17-6
Hughes, 31 GS, 180 IP, 18-7
Vazquez, 30 GS, 180 IP, 14-11

No scientific formula, just guessing how it might go for their remaining 20 starts based on career history, their performance so far this year and how I think the team will play overall. 
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Posted on: May 20, 2010 10:24 pm

Game 41

I'm going to try to write daily from this point forward, though I won't always be able to get to it as life gets in the way of baseball some times.  As I write, the Yankees are mired in their first serious slump of the 2010 season.   Up until Sunday, the Yankees season had been pretty impressive.  They have shaken off injuries to Granderson, Johnson, Posada (twice), Aceves, and Swisher to post a 24-12 record and .667 win percentage.  But, since then, the effects of the injuries have been felt increasingly on their lineup and defense, the bullpen has nearly imploded and the starting pitching has been inconsistent.

Here's where I need to gain perspective - I'm writing about a 5 game stretch out of 41 games played so far.  So it's not those five games I'm worried about - it's where we go from here given the current holes.  Right now, I would like to see the Yankees address two holes in the short term - over the course of the next 2-3 weeks:

1.  Add another solid arm to their bullpen.  Romulo Sanchez and Ivan Nova have shown some promise - they could try them first.  If not, they need to look elsewhere to see who's available.  On the bright side, I'm cautiously optimistic about David Robertson.  He has had several good outings in a row including two innings tonight.  As long as Rivera is healthy, with their strong starting staff, the bullpen could rebound with one more strong arm.  The other question here is when Aceves is ready to return.  If soon, they could tread water until he gets back. 

2.  Another bat - their bench is way too thin.  Winn has not panned out as a productive hitter and they need to add another bat to deepen their bench.  Although they will hopefully have Granderson back in a few weeks, Johnson is out indefinitely and Winn is giving them nothing right now. 

I also think they should be going with 11 pitchers and 14 position players.  They are really getting banged up and I think they need the extra position player more than they need the other relief pitcher.  Their starters are generally pitching late into games and the bullpen problems are not stemming from overwork.  They can get by with 6 in the pen.  They can always call up an extra arm if they get mired in a rough stretch. 

As for Game 41, the key factor in this game was Pettitte's poor start.  The bright spots that stand out for me are Miranda (3 for 3 with a homer and a walk, 3 runs and 3RBIs), Jeter (3-5 with 2 RBIs) and Robertson (two perfect innings with 4 Ks).  Other than that, it was another bad loss to the first place team, putting the Yanks five back behind Tampa Bay.  

Interesting pitching matchups for the Mets Series:

- Vazquez against Takahashi in a spot start
- Hughes against Pelfrey 
- Sabathia against Santana 

There's no such thing as a must win in May, but long losing streaks are very bad.  The Yanks ABSOLUTELY NEED to win at least one of these games.  Two of three would get them back on the right foot. 
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